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Hayfever treatments Posted on 18 Apr 2017

You do not need a prescription for hayfever medicines.  Many treatments are available for little cost from a community pharmacy or supermarket (cheaper than a prescription charge).  Community pharmacists can offer advice on how to avoid triggers and how to treat your hayfever. 

Some pharmacies run a Minor Ailment Scheme for common health problems including hayfever.  Ask your pharmacy if they participate in this scheme and if they do the pharmacist will be able to assess your needs, give advice and suggest medicines if appropriate.  When pharmacies provide medicines as part of the Minor Ailment Scheme you get the medicines on  the NHS.

If you normally pay a prescription charge, this charge will apply here.  If you are exempt from prescription charges i.e. under 16 or over 60 years of age or you have a prescription prepayment card you won't have to pay for the medicines.