Patient Participation Group


Patient Participation Group

We would welcome additional patients joining our patient participation group. No qualifications are needed aside from being a patient of the practice. We hold meetings every two months in the early evenings. You can get more details by contacting our practice manager, Deborah Pogorzelski.

The practice hopes to foster good relationships with the patient participation group and make it an enjoyable group to be part of so that in years to come it can grow in influence and membership.

Even if you are not interested in becoming part of the patient participation group we are always keen to improve the service that we offer to patients so if you have any suggestions for improvement or for future surveys then please do let us know.

Finally we would particularly like to thank members of our patient participation group for their help in getting this up and running and for their thoughtful comments and suggestions.



If you wish to speak to a member of the Patient Participation Group please ask the receptionist to pass your details on to the named member and they will contact you as soon as they can or use the online form in the Do It Online section of this website.

David Parsons - (Polesworth Parish Council)

Clare Forbes - (Polesworth Group Homes)

Eleanor Pugh - (Polesworth Parish Council)

Vice Chair - John Winter - (Dordon Parish Council)

Gordon Hollyoake - (Polesworth High School Governor)

Chair - Stan Orton - (Austrey Resident)

Sandra Nutting - (Polesworth Group Homes)

June Butcher

Dave Butcher - (North Warwickshire Borough Councillor)

Cheral Eidukas

Gill Mason

Heather Fernando

Deborah Pogorzelski

Lynda Scully

Dr Gordon Brown


Minutes of Patient Participation Meeting Tuesday 22nd May 2018


Stan Orton (SO)

Clare Forbes (CF)

Eleanor Pugh (EP)

John Winter (JW)

Gordon Hollyoake (GH)

David Butcher (DB)

June Butcher (JB)

Sandra Nutting (SN)

Deborah Pogrzelski (DLJP)

Lynda Scully (LMS)

Dr Gordon Brown (GB)


Dave Parsons (DP)

Cheral Eidukas (CE)

Gill Mason (GM)

Heather Fernando (HF)


Welcome and apologies

SO welcomed everyone to the meeting and apologised for not attending the last meeting.

Minutes of Last Meeting

Minutes of 27th March 2018 agreed

Matters Arising

Prescription Ordering Service (POD) - still issues with patients feeling that the Practice has stopped the repeat prescription service at the local pharmacies.  POD is a Government initiative to reduce medication waste; stopping the pharmacy ordering on patients behalf is part of that initiative due to medications that were being issued that patients were telling the Practice they had not ordered.

The new Lloyds Pharmacy charges for home deliveries were discussed at the Meeting of the PPG Chairs and Jenni Northcote, Chief Strategy and Primary Care Officer, Warwickshire North Clinical Commissioning Group who was in attendance is going to look into this on behalf of patients.

DLJP said she had now been informed that Lloyds Pharmacy would be charging for all home delivery services for both old and new customers.

GB felt that if the home delivery service had kept to just the housebound as originally designed for, Lloyds would not have to start charging but now anyone and everyone is requesting the home delivery service.

Chairs update

SO had attended the North Warwickshire Clinical Commissioning Group meeting where, due to the new building development in Warwickshire, there was a discussion on a paper on meternity services up to and including 2035.  The paper stated that the number of increased babies born over the 35 year period would be eight.  An obvious error in the figures as it should be around 300.  SO is chasing this up to get the correct information.

The group felt that the CCG was looking to close local maternity services and move everything to UHCW.

SO attended two sessions held by NHS England regarding improvement to access GP services.  Initial outcomes of CCG surevey shows people want extended services in the afternoon and Saturday and Sunday.  Extended service is to be from 8am to 8pm.

There is a problem about the distance people will have to travel.

Three examples were highlighted at the meeting:

  • Cannock - 9 surgeries working together from Cannock Hospital run by nurses
  • Manchester - covering twenty thousand patients
  • Northampton - split into two hubs 

Warwickshire is difficult to hub as not uniformed with anyone else.  The CCG is trying to resolve it but have no idea about the logistics of it.  Nuneaton would be okay for a hub.

DB concerned that there would be no transport link.

This extended service is to be in place by October 2018.

DLJP said this service had been in place at GEH under the name UC24.

SO did not attend the car parking meeting.  The information coming from it is very sketchy; when he knows more he will update everyone.

There is a new Communication Office at George Eliot Hospital; only been in post for two days so as yet no idea what is happening, next update in 3-4 months.

George Eliot Hospitals new self book in system seems to be working well, no issues at the moment.

GEH awaiting new Chief Executive to start as current one taking early retirement.

Prem Singh is the new Chair of Board of Directors at GEH.

Mental Health teams are to be organised in hubs where people can go for advice on a one to one.

Children and Adult services fragmented, currently trying to set up a central point where everyone can be referred.

Name of CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services) being changed to Rose.

Practice Update


DLJP explained that the practice had a problem with the telephones on Thursday 10th May 2018.  The system just went down but was up and running within one and a half hours.  Patients could still book online, walk in to surgery and telephone Polesworth.  The practice put an apology on the website and the PPG notice board.

General Data Protection Regulations - GDPR

GDPR is a new set of rules governing the privacy and security of personal data laid down by the European Commission.

The rules are designed to give power back to people over how their data is processed and used.

The practice has to inform patients about what happens to their personal data via a privacy notice.  This privacy notice was put on the website and up on the PPG board in the waiting rooms.

DLJP presented everyone with a copy of the Practice Privacy Notice.

Warwickshire Carer Wellbeing Services

This service was launched in June 2017 for carers.  They support carers who look after relatives or friends, offering a listening ear, up to date information about local services and how to access them.

The practice has decided to work with Warwickshire Carers Wellbeing Services, by holding a Carers Clinic once every month on a Friday; we do not have a start date yet.  The clinic will be by appointment only.

Concerns regarding the number of young carers, who may be younger than you think, making sure they get the help they need.  DLJP informed the group that they worked closely with Polesworth High School youth team workers.

During Carers week the Warwickshire Carer Wellbeing Services will have stands up on both sites; Dordon on Wednesday 13th June 1-4pm and at Polesworth 14th June 9-12pm. 

DLJP presented everyone with a Warwickshire Carer Wellbeing Services leaflet.

Electronic Referral - Government Initiative

From October 2018 hospitals will not accept paper referrals everything must go electronically.  The practice has decided to start send the referrals electronically now.  Patients will be asked by the GP which hospital they wish to go to and if they aren't sure we can give details of all the local hospitals for the given speciality.

All patients will be asked if they are signed up for text messaging, if not they will need to sign up for it.

The Secretaries will send off the referral letter to the booking office and then text the patient with the booking information.  The patient can then contact the booking office via telephone or email to arrange an appointment.

Measles outbreak - what to do

Since October 2017 measles outbreaks have been reported in Leeds, Liverpool, Birningham, Manchester and Surrey that are all linked to ongoing large outbreaks in Europe.

Anyone planning to travel to Europe should make sure they are uop to date with their MMR vaccines.  Unvaccinated people travelling to Romanis, Italy and Germany , where there are large outbreaks, are at particularly high risk.

Measles is a highly infectious viral illness that can be very unpleasant and can sometimes lead to serious complications.

The MMR vaccine is available to all adults and children who are not up to date with their two doses of MMR vaccine.  Anyone who is not sure if they are protected should check with their GP practice.  DLJP presented everyone with a Measles information sheet.

Any other business

JW asked if the practice was having any luck recruiting more GPs.  GB informed the group that we were using an agency; cost a lot more money but they had contacts and would let GPs know where the vacancies were.  The practice recruited Dr Westwood via the agency.  GPs had just interviewed a GP and had offered her the post; the practice was just waiting for her decision.

EP asked if Dr Westwood was salaried or partner.  GB confirmed salaried GP.

Date of next meeting

Tuesday 17th July 2018 at 6:30pm

Venue - Dordon